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More Japanese sewing books! I was looking on my bookshelf a couple of months ago, and could not find Pattern Magic 2. It just was not there next to Pattern Magic 1. Then it occurred to me that I could not recall purchasing PM2. Hmmm. So I went to Yesasia and bought it, and some other books flew into my cart as well. These books are SO MUCH FUN.

But allow me to gripe a bit about Yesasia.com. Initially, they sent me Pattern Magic 1 by mistake! I would think that any normal web site would just tell me to keep the book they sent and send me the one I had ordered. It was their mistake, after all. But no. I had to send back the wrong book, they credited my yesasia account for the cost of postage, then they sent me the right one. It was totally worth it, though, because PM2 is everything I hoped it would be. I have to make something from these books sometime soon.

I realized from reading the comments on my last post that I need to explain a bit. The pocket flaps were cut from the blue silk, stitched to the facing, then I appliqued the plaid over top of the silk (hand stitching) then hand stitched the flap into the pocket opening. This is the only way I could think of to keep the bulk down and keep the plaid from moving and no longer matching. I’m working on the collar now, and I’m actually photographing the process so you can see how it’s done.


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