Cartridge-Pleated Sleeves

My sleeves came out pretty well! A while back, I was shopping at a very posh shop, and I saw a McQueen coat with cartridge-pleated sleeves. Then I decided that I need that sort of sleeve in my life, so I put them on my new coat that I’m working on. The results are satisfactory, though not perfect. The photos of the finished product are all of the right sleeve, because I have not put the shoulder pad on the left side yet. I have come to the conclusion that a tutorial on How to Make a Cartridge Pleated Sleeve is beyond the scope of this blog. I did take some photos during the process, but the process was fairly complicated, and my explanation is far from complete.

The pattern has a set-in sleeve, so I slashed and spread the pattern to widen the sleeve cap.

This is what the pattern piece looked like.

I interfaced the sleeve cap with buckram. The kind you would use for curtains.

I faced the sleeve cap with silk organza.

side view

back view. This is the thing I am least pleased about. The pleats should be further down the back.


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