Asian Embroideries

I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum yesterday to see the hats exhibit, and while I was there, I figured I’m look at the textile library. I have not been there in a few months. I was walking around near there and found a treasure trove that I have never seen before. It must have been closed until recently. There are several rooms of Chinese and Japanese textiles, including a library of fantastic embroideries! All of the embroideries are marked with their origin, if known. One was from a throne cushion. They were absolutely fantastic, and if you are in London, you should check them out. I went back today with the camera to take some photos, but they are difficult to photograph.

the embroideries are in these frames. You can pull them out and bring them to a table for study.

They are in room 98

This is an embroidered collar

The embroidery is amazingly detailed. I wish I had better photos.

The ribbon around the border of the collar was steamed and molded to match the shape of the collar.

You totally can’t see anything on this photo, but this is an amazing detail. The feathers are made with 2 colors of thread twisted together. On the left side of the feather spine, the twist turns to the left, on the right side, the twist goes to the right. It’s a gorgeous and subtle effect. I guess that’s what makes it a museum piece.


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