A Stand Collar

Following are directions for attaching a stand collar. This method can be used on a shirt collar as well as a coat collar.

First, sew the collar and collar facing together along 3 edges. Turn and press. Do not turn the raw edges under. The top photo above is the collar, the bottom photo is the collar facing, cut from tie silk.

Pin the collar to the neck opening at the center back and work toward the center front. Continue pinning past the front opening, so you pin the collar facing to the jacket facing for almost the entire length of the jacket facing. Begin stitching on the facing, stitch the collar to the jacket edge, and end with the opposite facing.

Press the seam open on the facing bit and through a couple of inches on the collar. Press the remainder of the seam toward the collar.

If you are lining, you can catchstitch the raw edges down. If not, fold the raw edges up and handsew in place.

This is what it looks like on the outside. It looks much cleaner than the method they tell you to use in the pattern instructions.

Here’s how I kept the topstitching thread from jumping off my tension thingy. I added some extra tension by sticking some fabric inside the spool before putting the spool on the machine. It worked.


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