Painting Progress

My fabric painting is coming along nicely. I’m more or less doing a border print, along the hem and up along the centre front. It’s easier to paint on a 2-dimensional piece, before the seams are constructed. I’m placing the motifs on each piece, being careful to avoid the hem and seam allowances, then painting over the placement. I’m using lead pencil on the wrong side of the fabric to mark the motifs. After the seams are sewn, I will add more motifs that will cross the seamlines. The above photo is the coat back and side back pieces.

I’m making the coat with Vogue 8550.

I was going to do a post about choosing topstitching thread, but I went through about half a dozen possibilities for topstitching, and I was so caught up in what I was doing that I could not stop to take photos. I wanted topstitching thread that matched the paint, so I ended up taking some white silk topstitching thread and painting it with the fabric paint. In the above photo, the painted thread is on the left and the original thread is on the right.

To paint the thread, I took a paintbrush, wet it with paint, and pulled the strand of thread under the paintbrush, between the brush and a plastic bag. Then I pressed the thread to heat-set it.


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