Fabric Painting

My new project involves fabric paint, which I have never used before. I want to paint a design near the hem and on the front opening of a trench coat. Since I have no experience with fabric paint, I figured I should do some testing first.

Here are some of the designs I’m using. I drew small, medium, and large S curves on cardboard.

I cut them out like so.

I traced them onto the fabric using lead pencil. Here are the brushes I used and the fabric paint I bought. It’s called Deka silk paint, but it can be used bor cotton as well. The color is silver grey.

DD took this pic while I was painting

These are all the stencils that I will use. The larger ones will be near the hem, the smaller ones higher up.

Here’s the result. The heat setting is done, but I still need to wash it to see how it comes out. The one on the bottom right was done on wet fabric (way too washed out). The one on the bottom left is the last one I did, which turned out the best because I needed to learn how to use the paint and brushes.


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