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This comment made me laugh:

I live in London anywhere to get good quality fabrics please kindly blog unless you are keeping your sources secret.

I have no intention of keeping my fabric sources secret, and apologize if it seems that way from my wording. The home dec fabrics in the previous post came from Designers Guild on King’s Road. The do not normally sell fabric remnants, but on just this one day, they had thousands of fabric remnants on tables. It was a Sunday in January. I’m not sure how one finds out about this sale. I was just walking by and saw it.

I also bought some lovely remnants several months ago from a posh dress shop on Gees Ct, right off Oxford St. I can’t recall the name of the shop, but Gees Ct is a tiny street. There was a sign in the window of the shop saying they had some dress fabrics for sale. Again, I don’t think they normally sell fabrics.

BUT, yesterday I went with my shockingly resourceful friend Elizabeth to a mill shop attached to a silk mill in Sudbury. She found out about it while trolling the internet. It’s a total fabric Shangra-La. Here’s their site. Even at full price, the fabrics they sell are very reasonable for the quality ( £15- £20/metre), but they had SALE fabrics. Many silk twills meant for ties for an incredible £2 a metre. Silk jacquards on sale for £7 a metre. Silk to use for linings for £2 A ROLL. Mostly, they sell home dec fabrics, but many of them could be dual-use. It’s no small feat to get to this place from London, but it was totally worth it. Once you actually take the train there, you can walk from the station.

My mother used to take me to mill shops in Pennsylvania when I was a teenager, and I did not think they existed any more. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the smell. It’s a chemical smell that might be described as unpleasant by those who don’t shop for fabric. Does anyone know what that fabric smell is? Please post in comments if you know.

So anyway, that’s my list of fabric sources in London. As it expands, I’ll post other sources.


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