Cuff buttons

There’s an article in the New York Times about a new exclusive brand of men’s suits that they are starting to sell at Sak’s. This is what they have to say about cuff buttons:

“Small, costly details of tailoring mark the brand. Unlike many suit jackets, Kiton’s have “surgeon’s cuffs,” or buttons that open at the wrist. Some customers keep a couple of them undone as a subtle status symbol. But Mr. Collins, who owns a Kiton jacket, described that as a gauche habit.

“It’s a really ostentatious thing to do,” he said. “The tasteful thing to do is to have them and never open them.””

Following is part of a post that I did in the fall. I had no idea that my cuff button habits could be considered ostentatious:

I may wear it like this, with the bottom button undone. I often see men wear their suits this way, to show off that their jacket is not a normal off-the-peg jacket.

Here’s a link to the Times article if you are interested in reading the whole thing.


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