Quilted dress–more explanation

Apologies for my poor explanations of the construction of this dress. I’m a pretty awful explainer.

Here’s a better photo of the quilting. This is the front of the dress. I quilted the fabric first, then shrunk it for a bit of a rouched effect, then I cut out the dress bodice. I am fanatical about pattern matching, which is why it may appear that the quilting lines cross the seam lines in places. In reality, they don’t.

The skirt underlining is silk. The green silk is not substantial enough for the skirt, so I underlined it with silk charmeuse.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with the hem. I prefer not to press my hem flat because it tends to move better not pressed flat. After I wash the dress, I’ll have no choice but to press it flat, but for now I like it the way it is. You can disagree with me if you want.


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