Pascale is going to be an angel in her school play, so I had to provide a costume. They gave plenty of notice, so I figured I’d make one. The pattern is from one of my Japanese pattern books, which are really growing on me. The patterns are very basic, and it’s nice to know where to look when I’m looking for a basic pattern.

The fabric is from Tissues Reine, in Paris. They have all kinds of fabric there, from cheap home dec to couture. The cheap home dec is located outside on the sidewalk. As I was walking in, I turned up my nose as I walked by these low-quality fabrics, since, after all, I’m a SERIOUS SEWIST. Then I remembered about the angel costume and doubled back quickly. They had the perfect thing. It’s a poly organza with sparkly stars, and the body is underlined with some cheap poly lining. Perfect! I ordered the wings online, but they have not arrived yet.

of course, I had to make 2 angel costumes

The pattern is from this book, ISBN 978-4-579-11054-4. It is all girls’ clothes.

This is the pattern I used.


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