This dress may indeed become a TNT pattern. It feels great on, and even makes me look slightly curvy. It’s a combination of a couple of different patterns. I’d been intending to make a dress with Vogue V1044, which is a really lovely Vintage Vogue pattern. I fell in love with the neckline and the sleeves. However, the more I looked at it, the more I realized that it has way too much skirt for me. Wearing it would be a trial (it would always be getting caught in things) and ironing it would be out of the question. Then I was looking through a Japanese pattern book, Simple Chic by Machiko Kayaki, and fell in love with dress #4, the linen one-piece. The 12 darts really sang to me, but the problem with it is that it’s sleeveless! Even with global warming, we only get maybe 3 days a year here in London where you can comfortably go sleeveless for more than an hour or 2 in the middle of the day. So, not so good for my lifestyle. Combining the two patterns made it into something that I think will fit in well with my wardrobe. Dressy, but not too much so.

The patterns combined pretty easily. It appears as if the slopers they used were very similar. I used the middle size (I think it was an 11) on the Japanese pattern and size 12 on the Vogue.

The fabric is a silk taffeta that I bought at Paron Annex in New York. I bought a lot, so I could self-line. I love self-lining and I do it every time I have enough fabric. This fabric wrinkled unbelievably when I washed it, but it scorches something fierce, so I had to use a cool iron, which is not so great at removing wrinkles! I have a mangle, which is in storage in New Jersey. I really miss it when I’m ironing yardage. This dress will just have to have the wrinkled look, which I must say has grown on me. The fabric is sort of thin and crisp. It’s a bit like wearing tissue paper, but without the tearing.

The buttons are a souvenir from my Paris trip. I got them at La Droguerie, which was a fabulous shop. It’s knitting shop, but they also have all kinds of wonderful findings, like ribbons, beads, buttons, and jewelry making supplies. Everything is beautifully arranged in these cool big jars on shelves on the walls. The staff was helpful, but oh, la, la, the queue was unbelievable. And, of course, since they are French, they would not be rushed. It was still worth it. In addition to these buttons, I bought some lovely fabric flowers and some juvenile buttons for when I make something for my kids.

the back view

Buttons from Paris

Vogue 1044

Simple Chic by Machiko Kayaki, purchased from They ship free all over the world.

The Simple Chic dress with the 12 darts.


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