The dress makes a suit

To go with my nice new jacket, I wanted to make a dress. I was thinking about what style I wanted, and I decided that it should resemble a high-waisted skirt and blouse. Sleeveless. High neck. I was turning the design over in my head, wondering if I would have to draft the pattern myself, when The Slapdash Sewist posted this dress. It was the pattern of my dreams, and it was right there on my shelf of WOF! It was so handy. It’s from WOF 11/07.

The top is a 4-ply silk crepe. I love that fabric. The top lining is a matching silk organza. I underlined the skirt with the same silk crepe that I used to line the jacket. I added a belt-like embellishment because I hate wearing an actual belt. It always gets caught in things. I eliminated the ruffles at the armhole and neckline and added a band to finish the neckline. I think I may have shortened it a bit as well.

I’m planning on going to Paris for a long weekend at the end of the month. I may bring this suit with me to wear.

Apologies for the poor lighting in the photos. It’s raining today, so the light is not good in my living room. For a change of pace, I decided to try doing photos in the hallway. I’m not crazy about the way they came out, but waiting for a sunny day would mean an unacceptable delay in blog posting.

dress front

dress back

The suit together

Me wearing dress

Since all the cool people are posting photos of their wedding dresses on their sewing blogs, I figured I’d follow suit. Obviously, it’s a photo of a photo, with all the problems that entails, but here’s the wedding dress I made for myself in 1997.


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