Strapless Dress

I’ve been meaning to make a strapless dress for ages, and now that summer is half over, I have finally gotten around to it! I used some fabric from a Michael’s bundle. I think it’s a linen. The warp threads are red, and the weft are white, giving it a sort of pink effect.

There’s a shop that recently opened near me called Few and Far ( If you are ever in London, you have to stop by. They have a nice selection of clothes that are obviously handmade and sort of in the wearable art vein, but in a good way. For some reason, the clothes there made me think of using this fabric for a strapless dress. It’s a very humble fabric, possibly meant for dishtowels or a tablecloth. I like the contrast between the strapless style and the casual fabric.

The bodice came from a strapless shift from WOF. I cut off the pattern below the waist. I drafted a semicircle skirt and cut the skirt in at the bottom a bit so there’s sort of a bell effect. I put horsehair in the hem to keep it stiff. This is the first time I’ve used horsehair. I’m interested to see what it will be like to wear.

I used Rigelene boning to keep it up. I really like it. I stitched it directly to the bodice lining. Previously I have always used the spiral steel boning, which is kind of a pain because you have to make a casing for it. I’m starting to think that I prefer Rigeline.

For my previous project, I Hong Kong finished the seams using silk organza. I made a whole bunch of silk organza bias binding, and I wound up with enough to finish the seams to this dress, too! It felt really luxurious to have a big bag of bias binding all made up and ready to go.

I wore it to take dd to a West End production of The Sound of Music. She liked it, but it was a bit long for her. She’s only 4.

Here’s the back view

Here’s the inside out view. I underlined the whole thing with red silk organza and bound the seams with gold silk organza.

This is a closeup of the fabric.


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