The Indecisive Jacket

This project took me pretty much forever because I could not decide exactly how I wanted it to look. My original vision was a lightweight coat with full sleeves and a gathered skirt. But the fabric, which has a great texture, it kind of a challenging color. The more I looked at it, the more I thought maybe a coat would be just too much greyish-tan. So I deleted the skirt idea, but it was still just too prison-matronly. I looked around my sewing room and found a scrap of black silk taffeta and another scrap of brown silk satin. I cut them on the bias and made a ribbon-like trim to put at the neckline and cuffs. This is just what the jacket needed, and it has turned into something that I will actually wear.

The fabric came from a Michael’s bundle. I’m running very low on my fabric stash, so even the fabrics that I did not initially like have kind of grown on me. This is a lovely fabric, apart from the color. I think it’s a cotton or mostly cotton, probably meant for lightweight outerwear. I will be going back to the US in August, and I’m planning on doing some serious fabric shopping.

Closeup of the trim on the back

I do like how the sleeves turned out. I pleated the fabric before I cut out the sleeve.

4 yo dd took this picture! The sleeve is actually pretty full.

Back view


Front View

I underlined it with a sparkly cotton border print


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    I love this. So many details. Those sleeves…..

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