Crochet Embellishments

I’ve had houseguests lately, so my sewing room spent some time as the guest room and I had to find something to do with myself that did not involve a sewing machine. Rather than wandering the streets aimlessly in my copious free time, I learned how to crochet from YouTube. I’ve been seeing lots of crochet in store windows this season, so I figured I should learn how to do it myself. It’s rather addictive to keep turning out crochet flowers. I produced many, many more than I actually ended up needing.

The fabric for this dress is a fuschia cotton from a Michaels bundle that I got last summer. Actually, it may not be all cotton, because it changes color rather drastically when I’m ironing it. I was going for the chartreuse-fuschia color combo like in March American Vogue, page 646. My search for chartreuse yarn turned out to be futile since my shopping opportunities are limited, and this yellow was the best I could get from the local Peter Jones store. The purple and the green yarns were just what I was looking for, though.

The dress itself is a fairly basic shift with a french dart from Burda WOF 8/99. I like the high collar. It took me ages to place the flowers. If I had more design training, I’m sure I would be able to come up with an aesthetically pleasing configuration more easily. I found myself yearning for my old sewing teacher in New York, who could have put me on the right track instantly. Eventually I did manage to get them arranged in a way that I like.

I’m planning on wearing the dress to the Chelsea Flower Show, where I’m sure it will fit right in.

flower detail
collar detail

The back view

The pattern from Burda

Me wearing dress


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