Liberty dresses for my girls

This is another childrens wear project. I went shopping at Liberty a while back during the January sales, and they had this lovely twill on the sale table that I thought would make nice dresses for the girls. It was marked £18 for a 2 meter cut. When I took it to the register, it rung up as only £11, which was a very pleasant surprise. Then I got it home and measured, and it was actually more like 3 meters! That is probably the best bargain I’ve gotten since I’ve been in London.

I added a little embellishment to each dress by beading one of the motifs. The shoulder straps are velvet ribbon, and I lined them with a blue twill that I had lying around. I like the pinafore style for little girls because they can wear it summer on its own or winter with a long-sleeve blouse under, and, since there are no sleeves, they don’t outgrow it very fast. I made a matching dress for each girl’s favorite stuffed animal, which they loved. It was really easy and definitely worth the effort. The photos below were taken after the dresses had been worn, so try to focus on the workmanship, not the stains.

Thank you everyone for the nice comments on my black dress. It’s heartwarming to know that people are noticing and appreciating my work. Here’s a photo of me wearing it. DH took it at the end of the evening. The dress stood up well for 100% linen; it really does not look that wrinkled at all. I’d had several drinks at that point, so I’m more relaxed in front of the camera than I normally am.


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    What a gorgeous photo of you, Claudine. Love that spectacular collar. And your girls’ Liberty dresses are darling, ‘specially the custom embroidery.

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