Considering my lack of sewing output lately, completion of this project was, for me, lightening-fast. I used a pattern (mostly) so it was much easier than draping from scratch.

I bought the fabric from a less-than-reputable fabric store. It was labelled silk, but feeling the fabric I had some doubts. Then I noticed that the fiber content was printed on the selvage, and it was, indeed, silk. I bought it, but I still had some lingering doubts, so I did a burn test when I got home. Of course it was polyester. I’m certainly not shopping there again, but I really do like the print on this fabric, so I made the dress anyway. The print was sort of like a border print, but instead of the interesting part being on the edge, the flowers were in the middle of the fabric. This gave me the opportunity to put the print down the center front.

The sleeves are very long and full and pool a bit at the cuff. I’m really into the whole big sleeve thing this season. It should be nice to wear with tights to wander the city with my kids.

Here’s the dress. It’s not the best pic, but you sort of get the idea.

Here’s the selvage, which clearly states that the fabric is silk:

Here’s the pattern I used, from an old WOF:


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