Blouse and Trousers

Here’s an outfit that I just finished. It’s a blouse and trousers from April 07 Burda WOF. I liked the blouse because of the general fit as well as the dart that starts at the shoulder and ends at the hip. It’s kind of like a combination dart/princess seam. I used a stretch cotton that I got at the Paron Annex. I re-drafted the sleeve into a lantern shape after seeing the lantern sleeves in the fall Lanvin collection. The new Threads also has lantern sleeves all over it. My lantern sleeve is a little more subtle than those in Threads or Lanvin. The result is something wearable that will remain wearable after the whole lantern trend has subsided.

This is the first project I’ve completed since moving to London. My sewing room is not entirely set up yet, and the lighting is not the best. I realized when I was almost done that I constructed the entire blouse wrong-side-out. It’s certainly still wearable, but I feel like I missed the opportunity to have it look better. I did put on the collar and cuffs right-side-out, so there’s a small contrast there.

A little digression on me sewing machine woes. My main machine, and antique Singer, did not make it to London with us. The brain-dead movers put it in storage instead of into the container that came here. The did, however, pack my backup machine, an antique White. They also packed my buttonhole machine, a TOL Kenmore that I bought a few years ago before I realized that plastic machines are not for me. So I plugged the Kenmore into the down converter and into the outlet to make my buttonholes, and when I turned it on, there was a loud POP, and the machine would not work. I guess I blew out the power supply. I did the buttonholes by hand instead, which worked great. They look so much nicer than the ones with the machine. I used some stranded rayon embroidery floss. I need to find a source here for silk buttonhole twist.

I made the trousers in the photo, too, but you can’t see them well. They are also from WOF April 07. The waistband does not go all around, and it was tricky to put in. I actually had to read and follow the WOF directions, which was a big nightmare, as you know if you’ve ever read the directions in WOF. They are obviously translated directly from the original German by non-native English speakers. I managed it, though, and now I have a nice pair of skinny trousers to wear. This outfit is perfect for this chilly London summer.


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