Visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum

It’s a week since we arrived in London and I left the kids with DH today to check out the Victoria and Albert Museum. When I lived in London last time, this was my favorite cultural attraction, and it retains its allure. They have a fantastic fashion collection which commands equal space with the other exhibits. But the best part, by far, is the Textile Study Room. I’ll take a photo next time, because it’s hard to imagine the riches contained therein. It’s a big room with framed textiles stacked like books. You can take out the frames and bring them to a table to study them at your leisure. They have all kinds of tapestries, embroideries, and beading on lots of different fabrics from all areas of the world, medieval times to the present. It really has to be seen to be believed. I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time there.

The shop at the V&A is also very impressive. Among the fashion books are not one but two tomes devoted to medieval tailoring. I think I’ll be dropping a lot of cash there.

No sewing to report because my sewing machine is in the shipment with the furniture. ETA is June 26. I’m counting the days.

I’m planning on keeping this blog all about sewing. If you know me in real life and want to know how my time in London is going, please check this blog: I’ll try to keep it updated with my goings-on.


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