Fabric Shopping!

I live 20 miles from NYC, and 3 blocks from a train that takes me there, but most of the time it might as well be Mars for how often I get there. But I was woefully low on fabric stocks (no silk organza left! well, almost none), so I took the unusual step of leaving the kids with dh for the morning and going fabric shopping. I went a little crazy at the Paron Annex, where the fabrics are all half price. In addition to the silk organza and silk linings that I so desperately needed, I also bought a great tapestry fabric. It’s kind of like an upholstery tapestry, but the scale is smaller. I’m picturing matching jean jacket style jackets for myself and my dd’s. It was not half price, but I was in love.

Then I went to B&J, just to look, and had to come home with this amazing laser-cut wool. Here it is, backed by a brown silk satin on the left and a pink silk taffeta on the right. Cool, huh?

I was going to hit Mood as well, but my arms were about to fall off carrying all that fabric, so I nixed that errand. So here’s my justification for buying so much: I’m moving to London in the next couple of months, and everything costs twice as much there. So it’s much better to buy it here where it’s cheaper. And I’m all stressed out by this move, which makes me want to buy stuff.

Before heading home, I stopped at the museum at FIT to see the exhibit there. They had some wonderful stuff from different eras. There was this amazing acid green silk satin Dior suit that was very New Look. Not something that would fit into anyone’s lifestyle, but cool nonetheless. It was situated next to a laser-cut Miyake dress. I could not figure out how they might be related. Perhaps next time I will read the documentation, but who has time for that when there are clothes to look at?

Here’s where I am on my sundress. I hope it turns out OK. I really did not want to have a side seam, because it would take away from the effect of the diagonal seam in the back, so I wound up with an oddly shaped dart on the side that turns into a bust dart. It seems to work OK, though.


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