Aren’t they cute?

Every year, I try to get to the local arboritum and take pics of the girls when the flowers are in bloom. Well, in previous years it’s just been my older girl, but my 1-year-old is walking, so she’s included now, too. My MIL gave me some lovely oriental silk satin a while back, but it’s pink, which really is not my color, so even though I’ve had it for a few years, I have not done anything with it. Then looking at it a few weeks ago, I thought it would look really nice with the flowers in the spring picture. I wanted a bell shaped jacket with bell-shaped sleeves, but could not find such a pattern in my pattern stash. There was, however, a nice little oriental jacket in Burda WOF, so I slashed and spread that pattern until I got the bell shape I was looking for. I was sort of short on time, since the flowers only last so long, so the construction is far from couture, but for kids’ clothes it should not really matter. They’re really just for the photo anyway. I’m getting better at photographing my kids. I used to get impatient with them when they wouldn’t look at the camera, but now I just end the session immediately when I feel myself starting to get irratible. My 3 yo had such a good time that she said she would be willing to do this again when the cherry blossoms are out. Well, here they are! If you click on the picture, you can see a larger version where it’s easier to see the jackets.


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