Mixing Fabrics

I’ve been thinking a lot about the challenge of mixing fabrics, esp with different colors and prints. While rooting through my fabric stash, an idea for a fairly simple skirt came to me. I decided on a red, orange and yellow color scheme. Here is a photo of the fabrics:

I’m going to use the organza for the embellishment. I’ll make a skinny bias tube, and twirl it around to make the design. Maybe a Celtic knot. Maybe this one:

I finished the skirt from a pattern I drafted myself that I’ve used several times. Then I made miles of bias tubing from the silk organza, then printed out the celtic knot and arranged and pinned the tubing over the printout, like so:

Then I tacked it together at the fabric intersections, wet it and pressed:

I made six of them, two on the side seams, two on the front and two on the back. Here’s the finished skirt:

I tried to get a photo of it on me, but the lighting was not good. If the weather ever gets warmer, I’ll wear it and have dd take a pic of it and post. I like it. I was not sure about the colors, but I put it away for a couple of days, and when I went back to it, it grew on me.

Next up, monogrammed goody bags for 3 yo dd’s party!


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